A common question we get asked is how do we participate or what do we do? The design of TBK is simple as it relies on basic principle: be kind.  It is a simple reminder of a common rule we are all born into. We believe firmly that behaviors are taught.  Whether it be positive or negative, our behaviors, reactions, and words are all reflections that others experience from us.

With this idea in mind, TBK may look different at each school, workplace, or in each community because the needs of that area may be different. We encourage groups supporting TBK to customize it around the central principle. As you do, keep us posted with pictures, videos, and information on how you're spreading kindness so we can share it.

Every December, we encourage a Blackout Bullying week. We used December because that is the month in which we started; it is a way to celebrate our own birthday.

Each day on our social media, we will put out daily challenges that people can incorporate into their own lives in order to help improve not just themselves, but others as well. While we know many TBK groups would like to begin their own social media extensions, we simply ask that they link back to our main social media for these challenges.

Beginning in the Summer of 2015, we experimented with our first ever kindness photo challenge.  This asked participants to not only complete an act of kindness each day for a week, but to also photograph this challenge and post it to social media. The mindset behind this activity is that it is not enough to simply speak of kindness, but to actually show kindness.

We also find ourselves making appearances in different venues. We have passed out information at local 5Ks, we have presented to future educators at both the University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida, we have participated in several newscasts providing anti-bullying information, we have created PSAs that ran on television, and we have been involved in several school presentations.

This page is designed to give a general overview of the TBK program. For more information or to have us at your event, please use our contact page.