Be Kind Crew

TBK was established in 2011 by the Leadership Class (below) at Lake Brantley High School.  Unlike many other bullying programs, TBK seeks to prevent bullying rather than react to it.  The program was launched via social media and has quickly established itself as a highly appreciated and impactful program.  Schools throughout Central Florida have established TBK programs in order to remind students how it feels to be treated with kindness; something that is easy to forget.

Through many local partnerships, TBK continued to grow and impact not just students, but adults as well. Whether we are partnering with elementary schools to teach about kindness, presenting to future educators at universities, manning a table at a local 5K, or simply wearing our shirts in public, the message impacts everyone.  The simplicity of the message is one which all can relate to:

"Bullying ends where kindness begins; it begins with me."